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PASAP recognizes the following list of past board members who gave so much time and service to the advancement of the mission and vision of our organization.  We thank you for your insight and dedication in supporting the growth of student assistance in Pennsylvania.


Brenda Becker
Barbara Cincera
Audrey Conway
Pat Daraneau
Jack Gallo
Betsy Gingrich

Jim Higgins
deRicci Horwatt
Diana Kulp-Dale
Lori Long Peniston
Harriette Meriwether
Dr. Phil Monteith

Robert Oliver
Gwen Porter
Lee Rush
John Toby
Chris Yeager


Dr. Debbie Barlieb
John Becker
Dottie Bence
Joseph Blazin
Jamie Bloom
Stephanie Colvin Roy
Lori Cooper-Ott
Darrin Donmoyer
Becky Deihl
Ellen Jagger
Carol Gentile
Laurie Graham

Gloria Guba

Sally Hanzlik
Connie Harakal
Kathryn Herr
Khrystin Herb
Jeffrey E. Holter
Kelly Hunsberger
Rosemary Junkin
Erin Keating
Donna Kean
Terry Kerr
Karen Kohn
Robert Kolenda

Linda Kraft

Mylene Krzanowski
Mark Kudlaweic
Harry Laftko
Donna Leese
Alycia Lenart
Holly Livingston
Jeff Longo

Amy Manion

Susan Miller
Helene Oswald
Scott Owens
Stephen Paesani
Jeff Petty

Patricia Price-Wesley
Kim Rimmey
Kathleen Rodgers
David Rosenker
Deborah Sagan
Ellen A. Sandidge
Mark Shuster
John Sushereba
Dr. Susan Tarasevich
Sheri Taylor-Mearhoff
Steven Vanucci  
Joel Wentling

Karen Wills

Robert Wilson

Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals
PO Box 1254
State College, Pennsylvania 16804 

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