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School Climate Leadership Initiative

Friday, August 12, 2016 8:04 AM | Terry Kerr (Administrator)

The PDE Office of Safe School's School Climate Leadership Initiative (SCLI) is a new effort focused on building capacity for school climate leadership in Commonwealth through the establishment of networked learning communities focused on building safer, more supportive schools.    This year, SCLI will provide an opportunity for individuals to be trained in the National School Climate Center's (NSCC) School Climate Improvement Process.  Trainer candidates, from each of Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Units, are currently participating in NSCC’s online learning modules, in-person trainings and ongoing coaching. These trainer candidates, known as School Climate Regional Coordinators (SCRCs), will be working with at least 2 building level school climate improvement teams (newly formed or existing teams/committees). 

Schools have many initiatives, curricula, programs and strategies in place which address school climate improvement.  However, they often report a need to identify and utilize an organized process (best practice) to do this important work.  When a strategic process is not utilized the result can be another "program de jour" based on the reaction to data or an isolated incident.
The NSCC School Climate Improvement Process is not a program and most importantly involves the five following stages:

•       Stage one or "Preparation" assists schools in forming a team or examining an existing committee whose focus is school climate improvement and obtaining buy-in from staff to complete the process from start to finish.
•       Stage two or "Evaluation" helps schools examine existing data or collect new data which will help to identify needs as they relate to school climate.  This can include data such as SAP data, PA Youth Survey Data, PA School Climate Survey data and incidents reported on the Safe Schools Annual report. 
•       Stage three or "Action Planning" assists schools with aligning strategies to address identified needs.
•       Stage four or "Implementation" involves the actual implementation of strategies listed on the action plan.
•       Stage five or "Re-evaluation" consists of collecting and examining current data to determine progress made or adjustments needed to existing strategies.

The NSCC School Climate Leadership Certification will provide SCRCs with a high level of understanding of these 5 stages and position them to provide schools with the support, expertise and guidance needed to create and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.  For more information, please contact Stacie Molnar-Main at c-smolnarm@pa.gov.

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