Pennsylvania Association 
of Student Assistance 






Board of Directors

Executive Board

Lisa Sviben Miller - President
Alison Turley - Vice President
Betsy Gustafson - Secretary
Joel Wentling - Treasurer

Region Directors

Northeast Region
Betsy Gustafson 
Susan Mizenko

Southeast Region
Tina George
Khrystin Herb
Amy Marenick

North Central Region

Alison Turley 
Molly Wehler
Angela Work

South Central Region
Dawn Fochtman
Lisa Sviben Miller
Stephanie Roy

Northwest Region
Meghan Fuhrman
Mike McGaughey
Joel Wentling 

Southwest Region
Lee Ann Guido
Ryan Klingensmith
Carolyn Welschonce

Michael DeAntonio

Featured Board Directors

PASAP Organizational Structure

The affairs of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP) are managed by its Board of Directors. Directors are employed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, individual members of PASAP, and engaged in the work of Student Assistance.

Number, Tenure, and Qualifications 

The Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP) Board is comprise nineteen (19) directors made up three representatives from each of the six geographic regions, as well as one director-at-large. Each Director has been trained in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania SAP Model by an approved SAP training provider. Each Director holds office for three (3) years with one third elected each year. There is no limit to the number of consecutive, elected terms a Board Director may serve. The composition of the Board of Directors reflects the cultural diversity of the membership.


Vacancies on the Board of Directors created by expiration of term shall be filled by a vote of the membership of PASAP through a mailed/electronically mailed ballot. A request for nominations to fill upcoming Board vacancies is sent to the membership no later than December 31 of each year. Following receipt of the names of nominees to serve as candidates for the annual Board election, an official ballot is prepared and sent to each PASAP member of record. Every third year, when the position of member at large is elected, the candidate on the ballot who receives the highest number of votes following election of the six regional candidates is selected for a three year term as director-at-large. All candidates whose names appear on the ballot are notified in writing of the election results. The results of each annual election is announced at the Association's annual conference and in the Association's news and updates.  

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